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The razor’s edge of racial prejudice.


It is hard not to be consumed by heartbreak as we witness acute, highly-charged and angry eruptions of violence around our nation right now, while we struggle to reconcile yet another shocking and eternally senseless chapter in America’s history of racism. My heart bleeds for every person that has seen, felt, experienced or been on the receiving end of this abhorrent display of prejudice. I say that with the intimate awareness and understanding that—having not been born a person of color—I could never deign to know the intricacies of being on the receiving end of generational judgement, or the terror of racism. 

The world has experienced a steady stream of severe trauma that has left it inflamed and throbbing with a cellular sensitivity that has only sped up the conductivity of our global pain receptors. In light of everything that we as a species have experienced recently, it stands to reason that the response-wave of fear, outrage and aggression has spread across this country, this world, with an eerily similar symptomatic momentum to that of the virus. Violent, brutal intolerance has opened mortal wounds to the spirit of this country. And the dynamic, explosive bloodletting of emotion that we have witnessed, felt, shared in response is excruciatingly valid.

This time of fear, judgment, aggressive insecurity and abominable racial discrimination has gotten so diabolically absurd, that we cannot ignore the need for radical amelioration of the systemic and bestial culture of bigotry any longer.


The rampant and global coverage depicting egregious incidences of prejudice, brutality, inhumanity has put the spotlight on our country’s deepest, darkest, chasms of dissension; it has reopened fissures that have sadly and insidiously snaked throughout the body of our nation—painfully carved crevasses that if ignored any longer, may prove to be exsanguinating fatal wounds to the life-force, productivity, and shear survival of this country.

However, somehow slogging our way through this heartbreaking devastation, the violent frustration, the all-consuming grief in response to inhumane cruelty, we are finally starting to glimpse the destruction of an antiquated, oppressive framework. We are finally starting to glimpse a molecular impatience for the archaic, barbaric, maniacal notion that a human being’s worth is somehow predicated on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic circumstance, race, religion, age, creed or any of the other beautiful and diverse attributes that provide the vital spectrum of perspectives necessary for our world to flourish. 

We may not know the details of how this will all unfold in the days, weeks, months to come. We may not know the logistics of the future—near or far. But one thing that each of us can do as we walk, gingerly, out of our grief, is to open our ears, open our minds, and open our hearts in order to find our place of most profound contribution within the current discourse. 

For me, this translates into mourning those of color who have inexcusably lost their lives; listening to, elevating and celebrating voices that have been historically and disgracefully muzzled; and doing everything I can to foster the belief in—and practice of—a better, safer, more benevolent collective. 

I believe in humanKIND. I believe that our hearts house vital connective tissue that unites us all. I believe in the infinite possibility—the infinite capability we as sentient human beings have for compassion, collaboration, cooperation. 

I believe the time is now for us to create, see and experience real, lasting change. 

I would love to know how all of you are feeling within these challenging times. What are some of the ways you are coping with current events? What resources have been helpful to you during this time? What are some of the ways you are contributing? 

Please know that my heart is open, focused on love, and ever appreciative of the spectrum of souls that make this nation, this world, this earthly experience as amazing as it has the potential to be. If it resonates with you, click here to join me in focusing your support: