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I was wrapping my post-operative knee with bags of ice yesterday, when something new quite literally popped up into view. A brand new, blue-red vein running parallel to my incision had been created where there was none like it before. The civil engineering cells of my body had built a brand new major thoroughfare to carry oxygenating life-force to the recent most vulnerable place on my body. 
I realized at the time that this was not the most common topic of conversation—apart from, perhaps, the small talk before a chapter meeting at a local coven—however, the feelings of wonder and appreciation for what my body, and all bodies were capable of doing, providing, creating, was overwhelming. It had to be recognized. I stopped wrapping the ice and examined the other scars on my body—for, I have continued to be a veritable totem pole of carvings marking my rather dynamic physical journey through the ups and downs of life thus far. My suspicions were confirmed. Next to every major scar, ran an equally major vein that had re-routed itself to assist in healing. Their would-be twin on the opposite side of my body did not exist—their paths were not symmetrical—which further proved that their purpose was a cellular improvisation purely to aide my body in more efficient healing. All of which further proved the overwhelming hypothesis that had begun to pump its rhythmic truth throughout my mind, my knee, my heart:  Our bodies are truly exceptional. 
Try as the most cutting edge scientific community has, they have yet to scrape together man-made material and recreate or build a human being. Not even the latest technology has made it possible…which speaks to the unique nature, the inexplicable constellation of attributes intrinsic to all sentient beings. There is a strong powerful part of us—connected to all other animate things—that lays beyond our earthly realm. The spiritual community has tended to readily recognize this, while at times groups such as the atheistic, or the hardcore the scientific community has been reticent. However, no matter what your beliefs entail, no matter how you label said Force, whatever lexicon you attach to consciousness, or the unified field metaphysically holding space for all, that special something bears acknowledgement whenever inspired. Watching my body respond with its own molecular intelligence, exponentially inspired my appreciation making its acknowledgment mandatory. 
We are nothing short of a miracle. 
Every breath we take, every move we make, every morning we wake—they are nothing short of miraculous. We may be ‘spiritual beings having a physical experience,’ as some have said, but innate within our humanness—integrated beautifully within each atom, and integral to each particle of our physicality—lays both matter and spirit, physical and non-physical, earthly and divine. They are not separate, but rather inextricably linked. Woven into the oneness of ‘being,’ the essence of sentient, the components of consciousness. 
It is that very relationship which accounted for yesterday’s discovery beneath a bag of ice. The symbiotic relationship between physical and non-physical has allowed for the brilliant facility my body has had to reroute my entire vascular system after surgery, after any injury. It has allowed for the very birthing of brilliant beings that we are, the fundamental systems that sustain, nourish and expand us all. Relationships are everything…especially the most basic in that from whence we have come. 
May every breath—or in my most recent case, every capillary—be our reminder to celebrate it; to celebrate the miracle that is US.