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This morning, as part of my daily routine, I went to put on my gold necklaces, my watch and rings, before heading out the door. As I opened the clasp, a clear, distinct voice in my head said, “No. Focus on your earrings.”

I paused, slightly confused with the suggestion—nay—command. I started to open one of the gold clasps again, and again the message came, “No. Focus on your earrings.”

I returned the jewelry to its case, and stood in front of my bureau for a moment, trying to allow for the meaning behind the advice. It sounded ridiculous, frankly. To have godly wisdom come in the form of simple fashion advice, however, the more I listened, the more I understood just what, exactly, was being offered in that moment.

“Focus on your earrings today.” I repeated the thought under my breath. I rarely think think my earrings are enough to hold an entire outfit together, hence the litany of other jewelry, the application of makeup, the shoe choice, the ritual of accessorizing. However, the sparkly studs that I barely—if ever—take off, were a gift from my mom. And they were given to her by her mom. Which were left to her by her family. In one tug of an earlobe, I had accounted for four generations imbued within the precious stones that framed my face. Four generations calling to me, whispering their wisdom where I would be able to hear it best…if listening.

What we use to express ourselves is a direct reflection of our inherent invaluableness. And thus, invaluable as well. Be it diamond studs, cubic zirconia, rhinestones, plastic pearls or macaroni necklaces from your daughter, on a soul-level, what we know to be true, is that what matters most is only what is precious and treasured to us.

So I looked, again, at my earrings. I acknowledged their sentiment, their reflection, their value to me. The shape, the clarity, the weight of the flawless stones. The gold basket setting in which they sat. I focused on the prismatic rainbow splayed by their brilliant cut as the light shined upon them. I felt the weighted, gravitational pull emanating from each, that—for years—has seemingly kept my head straight, my mind focused on the goal ahead. These are special earrings. They are special to me. And they are more than enough.

We are all diamond studs. We are all unique. We all shine brilliantly in the light—a full spectrum of attributes, a rainbow of personality—filtered through the cut of our character. We all have a unique setting, a story, a legacy. We all are invaluable. We are all more than enough.

Today, why not return the feeling of having to give your resume to those around you to its metaphorical box. Why not embrace the precious jewel that you are—without offering up all of the external reasons—be it the clothes you’re wearing, the toys you possess, the money in your account—as reasons why you should be valued, respected or loved. Why not embrace the fact that you are enough. Right now. Just as you are. Why not stand in your power—in the pride, the love, the legacy that is you—and know the truth of your soul; You are more than enough.

It is time for us all to stand in our golden settings. To claim our inherent value, to own it. It’s time to let the light of the world shine upon us, so everyone is able to see our vibrant rainbow of attributes. It is time for us to know that in every moment the unique, brilliant, beautiful legacies that we are, are being passed down, handed over, celebrated by those who fully see the precious jewels that are we. And that we are more than enough.