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How to reduce the chronic pain of inflammation...


While cleaning out my apartment, I came across an exercise and healing modality that I used to use on a regular basis to manage the severe, persistent pain in my knee. The satchel held three squash-sized balls of varying hardness, an instructional DVD, and a packet of written information describing the Melt Method to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the body. Essentially, the Method consisted of pressing a ball or soft roller into a series of pressure points on the palm of each hand, and the bottom of each foot. In softly triggering these specific pressure points, the body responds by releasing vital fluid that hydrates the connective tissue of fascia within our entire body, elevating the ability of our immune system to function more efficiently, and thereby, reducing the negative effects of inflammation such as aching, stiffness and chronic pain. As I held the kit in my hand, I realized how profoundly relevant the philosophy behind this system was for our present moment. 

There are fundamental pressure points of desire that all humans share: the desire to be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, valued, respected. During this time of seemingly amplified dissonance, division, disconnection,—wherein we have poured our individual and collective focus into what makes us different politically, religiously, culturally, economically, socially—we have forgotten that each of us carries a satchel filled with  simple, rudimentary tools capable of hydrating the integral connective tissue that UNITES us all. 

The inflammation of frustration, anger, pain over the acute climate of our current events has made communication—between people, sects, countries, the world—stiff, resistant, and in some instances, throbbingly blocked completely. If we would be willing to pause for one moment, remember the basic biology continually beating the hearts of all humankind, and mindfully choose to press our sphere of awareness into the intrinsic, pivotal pressure points of what it feels like to be fully seen, to be thoughtfully heard, to be consummately valued, vitally respected, appreciated for the beautiful space to which we each hold worthy claim on this earth—if we would be willing to trigger in ourselves what it feels like to be loved on a cellular level—then we could release the pent-up egoic tension of separation, and ignite the flow of compassion between us all. When we remember that we are sentient beings, built from love, to express love, with an elemental purpose of finding and cultivating connection on this human plane of existence, we incite the life force of love to course through our bodies, our nations, our world. We reduce the widespread infection of hatred, the chronic pain of separation and we, in turn, elevate the collective immune system of empathy, hope, grace, compassion. 

As I cleaned out my apartment, I had found myself, literally, holding the bag. I was so clearly reminded that I can come from a warm place of communion—first with myself, and then with each interaction I have with another person. 

We ALL have access to this healing modality. We ALL hold the ability to remember the love that we are, to meet one another in our heart space and through the portal to the place at which we are all one. 

We all hold the capacity, the competence, the innate facility to love and be loved. 

Let us start there.

Let us live love.