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How to embrace this new “normal”…


How to embrace this new “normal”…

During one of the bazillion, and cherished, Zoom calls that I had yesterday to touch base with friends during this touch-less time of quarantine, a recurring phrase kept tugging at my consciousness. At some point over the course of our conversation, nearly everyone had mentioned how they “could not wait for things to get back to normal.” 

Admittedly, I have always felt a lifelong—albeit mild—aversion to the term “normal.”  Even as a child, I could never reconcile the deep knowing I had always held that if we were all different—and spectacularly so, with our differences being the seed of our individual superpowers that contribute to the best of the world’s diverse ingenuity—then why strive for some unattainable, and further yet, nonexistent sameness that our society has somehow deemed “normal?” 

Each time I heard members of my beautiful tribe long for things to “return to normal,” my heart started to beat a consistent drum of reassurance:  The sands of change have shifted under our feet in every millisecond of every day since we came into this world. We seem to feel so afraid of change, but we’ve forgotten that what we have learned, who we have become, and how we have evolved has been happening at a rapid rate, a breakneck pace, in every moment, inside every aspect of ourselves, our world, our lives since birth. This is the inevitable momentum of our own personal evolution, and it’s brilliant contribution to the mighty expansion of our planet.

Change happens.

It is one of the only constants in life. So, as we move forward into this new paradigm—one of many shifts we have seen in our lifetime—know that we are ALL very experienced in navigating change. We have done it in every phase of our lives, every day we awaken anew, every moment we move from one place to another as a different permutation of emotions, thoughts, and action-oriented expression.  

We are veterans at moving into different, varied, and expanded new realities. New “normals.”

Instead of trying to cleave onto some outdated idea of what ‘normal’ was, or trying to impossibly ‘go back’ to how we had been living before this particular epidemic came, let us embrace our consummate and heavily practiced resilience we innately hold within ourselves. Let us celebrate our ingenuity, our diversity, our brilliant creative compassion for one another, for our infinitely abundant planet, for our beautiful and symbiotic potential to sync up with every circumstance or opportunity for growth that presents itself as “new.” Let us trust in our extensive experience in adapting to change, in finding the flow in new seas—even in the raucous wake of devastation. 

For, there is no going back. 

We have expanded beyond what was last year, last month, even yesterday. We have expanded. And we are all (and will continue to be) so SO much better for it. 

Be well, trust yourself, and the beautiful connectivity that is birthing in every moment of this new world...